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Our Story

Valcom believes that communication is vital to every organization’s livelihood. Organizations need to provide accurate, real-time information to individuals on a daily basis that aids in keeping people safe, informed and on-schedule.

Valcom’s long tradition of communication leadership and innovation addresses our customers’ most complex communication concerns. Our products are developed based on the customer’s need to relay information rapidly so individuals in various locations throughout an organization receive relevant instructions, and act upon them in emergency situations.

From simple voice paging and intercom, to expansive mass notification for emergency situations, Valcom develops a solution that fits your organizations’ need. Our products and software technology are currently used in thousands of businesses, government agencies, school districts, college campuses and transportation hubs around the world.

Our products are proudly designed, engineered, manufactured and supported in Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A.

We’ve been listening to our customer’s needs and in turn producing products that drive our industry since 1977.


Valcom is founded in Roanoke,
Virginia, and introduces a complete self-amplified loudspeaker paging system designed to operate over
telecommunication cabling.

Valcom’s distributed amplified loudspeaker technology has become the de facto standard with communication systems providers.


Valcom becomes an early pioneer of digital voice products including ISDN software for Motorola development systems and ISDN modems.



Valcom introduces the Clarity line of traditional 70 V paging products for legacy systems and provides an OEM brand for Executone.



Valcom introduces browser based, software controlled school and industrial intercoms.



Valcom introduces TCP/IP voice products creating a foundation for high reliability network platforms used in critical military and industrial applications.


Valcom drives industry evolution by introducing IP PoE loudspeakers and endpoints.


Valcom evolves software paging systems into robust IP unified mass notification systems deployed on government and civilian networks.


The Future

Valcom continues to develop the most technologically advanced communication solutions for Healthcare, K-12, Higher Education, Government & Military installations, Commercial & Industrial, Retail and Transportation hubs.

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