V-AlertV-Alert Mobile Alerting

Maximize your resourcesMaximize your resources.
The Valcom V-Alert mobile alerting app empowers your organization to streamline emergency notifications even when you are strapped for time and personnel. This powerful application deploys quickly and performs several functions crucial to emergency notifications and alerting with one-click simplicity.


Unlimited character countUnlimited character count.
Limited character counts can become an issue when a significant amount of text, like emergency instructions, needs to be sent. Character limits force larger messages to be sent as multiple smaller messages and can become out of order and confuse users, and can be time consuming for the administrator to compose and send. V-Alert has an unlimited character count so you are able to send, and users receive, one cohesive message..

Remote file accessRemote file access.
Internet issues happen. It’s worse when you have an emergency at your location and you need to access certain files such as evacuation plans, emergency continuity plans and other important documents. V-Alert allows you to upload documents to the app, so when an issue arises you can still access these important files.

Faster and more reliableFaster and more reliable.
When alerts are vitally important, the “best effort” used by cellular companies to deliver text messages just does not stack up. V-Alert uses more reliable digital path.


Multiple channelsMultiple channels.
V-Alert enables your organization to create multiple user channels directed to pre-defined groups. Certain messages can be composed and targeted to specific users when they are not relevant to your entire organization. All users always receive emergency notifications.


Unlimited UseUnlimited use.
With V-Alert there are never any per-use fees. You can send as many messages as you want as often as you want.


Easy to installEasy to install.
V-Alert is available in both Android and iOS app stores and is easily installed onto the user’s phone. Once V-Alert is downloaded, users have the option to register with their individual organization to receive notifications. No sign-up is required to receive emergency alerts. On the administrative side, V-Alert is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers and is mobile friendly allowing the admin panel to be used on any device.


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