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In today’s world, the speed of business is perpetually increasing. Every day needs to be as productive as possible. For this to be a reality, each member of your team must be informed and on schedule.  This task can be difficult because not all of your employees can be reached using the one-size-fits-all method. Some spend their work day at a desk, some operate very loud machines, some move throughout your entire facility on forklifts and some, especially those in facilities or production management, may never be in the same place twice in an entire work week.

Valcom’s vast experience in a wide variety of notification technologies like voice paging, message signs, automated shift and break tones and synchronized clocks, can help you develop a solution to keep everyone on schedule and informed.

And when there’s a disruption in the norm due to emergencies or other events, these proven everyday technologies can instantly alert your team to impending dangers, as well as provide them vital information about the situation at hand.

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