People travel for many different reasons. Some go to be with loved ones, some visit an important client to close a deal and some to experience a far-away land. They rely on the transportation hubs such as airports, train stations and subways that they pass through to provide them with accurate information to assist them in their travels. They also count on being safe while they are there. Good communication is the backbone to any transportation hub. It is how you address gate changes, page passengers and deploy important information during an emergency.

Valcom’s solutions enable you to keep individuals in the know and protected throughout their time within your walls.

We provide a means to integrate your legacy systems into a modernized, powerful and flexible notification solution. If you require a new notification system in either new construction or remodel of a travel hub, we are here to help you design exactly what you need. Our extensive line of voice paging, scheduling and notification products all work in concert with each other, or with many of your legacy systems, to provide a blanket of protection that travelers need and expect.

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